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MyPBX Conference Bridge

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by admin

Have your own in-house conference bridge capability commensurate with those of third party conferencing vendors but at lower rates.



MyPBX provides Conference Bridge solutions for analog PSTN, digital ISDN and SIP/VoIP phone systems. MyPBX can be deployed as a standalone solution integrated with any 3rd party phone system or a full featured IP-PBX solution. Having an in-house conference bridge eliminates the need to use 3rd party conferencing vendors which charges high cost of connecting overseas participants. MyPBX is a low-power embedded device that does not require a separate computer or server. MyPBX Conference Bridge allow users to schedule, host and participate in conference calls easily using their existing phone system and integrate with our SIP trunk solutions to reduce their telecommunication charges for conference calls.

MyPBX Conference Bridge is capable of hosting multiple sessions and multiple participants per device. With a web-based interface, users can schedule and manage the conference sessions easily using a browser from anywhere. The conference bridge can support free calls using both local and remote extensions as well as regular dial-in number on PSTN/ISDN or SIP trunk. With Global Numbers from over 60 countries available on the SIP trunk, companies can provide local dial-in numbers for overseas participants to call in at local rates.

MyPBX Conference Bridge is also capable of initiating calls to the overseas participants to bring them into the conference. This allows companies to reduce overseas call charges using our low IDD rates. Conference calls can also be recorded on the device.



Conference Managers

Capable of creating multiple conference managers to schedule and manage their own conference sessions.



Conference Invitation

Managers can easily create their own conference sessions by logging in to MyPBX user interface using a web browser. Managers can set their prefer time, date and number of participants. In addition, managers can optionally record the conference, set their own email templates and can set what mode of participant’s authentication.





Conference Management

Managers can easy manage their own conference sessions via a web browser. During the session a manager can invite someone to join in to the session, kick someone from the session, permanently block a user from joining the conference, or mute a specific participant’s or everyone. Managers can easily extend the time of their conference while the conference takes place.












Web Based Management

MyPBX Conference bridge can be managed via web browser. Managers can login at the same time to create and manage their own session. The advantage of a web based management is it allows managers to easily access it from their office or out of the office.






   Lower rates

   Using our Borderless SIP trunk we can reduce the overseas call charges using our lower rates

   and connecting them to A-Z destination routes across the globe.





      Conference Recording and Conference Report

      Managers can set if the conference should be recorded and MyPBX generate

      reports of the conferences.






Web based management for scheduling and  managing the conference

Multiple conference managers to create and manage their own conference sessions

Multiple conference sessions and can scale up to 80 participants

Dynamic control for the number of participants and conference sessions per manager

Flexible pincode control – No pincode, common pincode, or unique pincode per participants

Email invit to participants

Supports different dial-in methods using PSTN, ISDN, or SIP Trunk

Global numbers from over 60 countries

Initiate calls to participants using our low IDD rates

Conference recording

Conference History Report

Flexible features  during conference – Invite, Kick, Block, Mute and extend conference time.



VoIP for Small Business

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by admin


Save up to 70% on annual fixed line subscription and up to 80% on IDD calls.




With VoIP Package for Business, you can now enjoy cost savings on fixed line subscription and lower rates to overseas destinations — all these without compromising on call quality.


Key Features of VoIP Package for Business

Premium quality VoIP service

Fully Portable Singapore Number

Additional Global Numbers from over 60 countries

Caller ID

Voicemail to Email

Missed Call Notifications

Full Call Detail Records

Low IDD rates


Borderless VoIP may be deployed on SIP compliant IP Phones, mobile or PC softphones.


 Subscription Comparison


IDD rates to popular destinations


Based on other vendor’s published rates and is accurate as of December 2013 only.

Based on per minute charges as of December 2013.

Borderless SIP Trunk

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by admin

A scalable phone solution allowing you to dial cost effectively to more than 60 countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and USA at ISDN quality.



Borderless SIP trunk is a cost effective and highly scalable premium VOIP service that caters to different business requirements for multiple channels and DID numbers starting from 2 channels and 1 DID number to several hundred channels and DID numbers as your business grows.

Borderless SIP trunk provides cost effective IDD rates with direct interconnect with Tier 1 providers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other providers in HK, UK and US. Borderless SIP trunk comes with Singapore Level 3 numbers as well as Global Numbers from over 60 countries for receiving incoming calls. As Borderless SIP trunk relies on the Internet to deliver voice service, it is fully portable and can be deployed anywhere with Internet connectivity.

In addition to the flexibility and scalability of the SIP trunk solution to be able to quickly accommodate the increase and decrease of channels and DID numbers, it also comes with Caller ID and other value added services failover capabilities, credit limit control as well as call barring to specific overseas destinations to prevent fraudulent calls.

Borderless SIP trunk is ideal for business with high IDD call charges to reduce their phone charges with our competitive IDD rates. It is also ideal for businesses that would like to migrate from their existing PSTN DEL hunting lines to more flexible and cost effective ISDN-like service and businesses on existing ISDN service to reduce the high subscription charges. As the SIP trunk can be deployed anywhere in the world, it is also ideal for business with regional and international operations to reduce their inter-office communications.

For call centers, telemarketing companies and enterprises with high call volumes, Borderless SIP trunk is able to accommodate dialer traffic at competitive wholesale pricing.

Borderless SIP trunk can be deployed with any SIP-compliant IP-PBX or with any legacy PABX system using analog/PRI gateways. 

Ship to Shore

Posted on: February 7th, 2014 by admin

To find the appropriate solution to enable VoIP communications on board the vessel with adequate bandwidth at an acceptable cost is a challenge.

A challenge for the Maritime Industry

 Maritime facilities, vessels, ships, oil & gas platforms / rigs are notorious for their harsh environments where conventional communications are neither available or economically feasible. Brutal offshore climate and environmental conditions combined with remote and isolated locations means that communication lifelines are increasingly important to manage the ongoing fleet and vessel operations as well as maintain crew and passenger safety.

Oil and gas CIOs, CTOS, communications managers, network engineers and IT teams need to implement secure, fast and reliable communications systems to monitor drilling activity, track production and provide a ”ship-to-shore” communication to the corporate office onshore.

Beyond that, most ship operators have highlighted the importance of allowing crew to stay in contact with their family as a key contributor to a better quality of life on board. Offshore Communications are frequently named as one of the key drivers of crew retention as crews have come to expect their level of connectivity to Facebook, Skype, their online banking, and Netflix movies to match what they have at home regardless of where they are stationed. An oil and gas exploration vessel in the North Atlantic Sea outside Norway and a large-scale luxury liner crossing the Caribbean Ocean may be very different creatures, but they share a common need for vessel-to-land connectivity to transport VoIP voice and data traffic rapidly and reliably.

Each seagoing vessel – whether it is a large container ship, an oil tanker, or a luxury passenger liner – is dealing with many of the same communication challenges that any land-based organisation will be familiar with. The various segments – from commercial shipping, fishing industries and cruise liners, to naval and offshore oil and gas businesses – are looking at improving communications, from emergency telephones, providing employees with a better working environment, and utilising new applications that will help the business to run more profitably.


  Standalone setup




A benefit with the Borderless VoIP MyPBX solution is that it is based on open SIP standards. This means that you can use the Borderless VoIP SIP function and transfer the calls free of charge over the internet. Using open standards also means that our solution is extremely cost effective when it comes to future maintenance and repairs. -You can easily swap out the Borderless SIP phone or MyPBX at a later date, without having to worry about being tied to certain phone or switch products via proprietary protocols. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most widely used protocol for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP).

MyPBX, when deployed in the vessel with  Borderless IP Phones will now allow crews on board to dial and receive calls from/to external numbers through our SIP (VoIP) trunk from ITSP. Management also has the option to deploy Pin Codes for designated IP Phones at common areas by subsidizing or selling them to crew members to call home to their families.


Integration with existing PaBX on board


By preserving existing setup, MyPBX can also be integrated to the existing analog PABX in the vessel. In this kind of setup, existing analog PABX extensions can call MyPBX extension and vice-versa.  With this integration, the telephone systems  can now make/receive calls to/from external numbers through our SIP trunks from ITSP. We can integrate MyPBX either by FXS-to-FXO or by E1 ports between the two systems.


IP-Phones on board


This is the basic telephony setup in a vessel where only IP phones are deployed. Crews can now make/receive call using the SIP IP Phones connected in the vessel’s LAN directly. These IP Phones are configured with L3 numbers or with Pin Code setup.




iSpot Solution

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by admin

Continuous location, security and sensor based tracking



Borderless Hub’s iSPOT is an end to end solution covering hardware, middleware and application portal called ECTS (Electronic Cargo Security Tracking System). The end to end solution is designed to provide affordable and state-of-the-art continuous location, security and sensor based tracking information to our customers. iSPOT integrated technology like GPS, Satellite, GPRS and RFID using international and military specifications and standards.



iSPOT is a one stop ECTS that addresses the needs of the supply chain industry. We serve the following target markets:

Customs and Revenue Authority

Container Terminals and Inland Ports

Supply Chain and Logistics Partners (3PLs and 4PLs)

High value and hazmat cargo owners etc.


MyPBX Voice Recording/Logging Solution

Posted on: December 5th, 2013 by admin

Store nearly  20,000 hours of voice recording from almost 100 concurrent calls.    mypbxvoice

 MyPBX provides Voice Recording/Logging for analog PSTN, digital ISDN and SIP/VoIP phone systems. MyPBX can be deployed as a standalone solution integrated with any 3rd party phone system or a full featured IP-PBX solution.

MyPBX is a low-power embedded device that does not require a separate computer or server. MyPBX is capable of recording up to 80 concurrent calls and storing over 1,000,000 minutes (or more than 18,000 hours) of voice recording on a 500 GB HDD. MyPBX web-based management allows the call recordings to be easily managed and downloaded using the browser. Call recording files can also be backup and archived to a central file server.



On demand and continuous recording

Trunk and Extension recording

Inbound, Outbound and Internal call recording



Up to 16 PSTN lines (expandable with additional gateway)

Up to 16 analog extensions (expandable with additional gateway)

Up to 2 x PRI/ISDN

Up to 300 SIP/VoIP extensions

Up to 80 concurrent call recording  

Call Accounting and Billing Solution

Posted on: April 26th, 2014 by admin


 Call accounting and Billing system caters for the billing solution need of MyPBX U Series. Flexible rate settings
and detailed records make it extremely easy for enterprise to monitor charges, spot misuse, and enhance efficiency.


    Account Management

        Administrators can recharge extensions, set pay type, lock or

        unlock extensions and check other account information.





 Real-time Billing

   The immediate real-time billing empowers the user by making rating, charging ,balance in a

   responsive, interactive and flexible account management.


 Flexible Rating

ra   Rates can be set according to extensions, time periods, call duration,

   call types whether local or international, or landline or mobile.



 Least cost routing

   Find the most inexpensive way to route phone calls, allowing

   save on phone bills.






   Call logs and Statistics

      Full recharging history, call-logs, and statistics in detail for 

      management and traffic analysis.






Enterprise Wireless Communication Solution

Posted on: April 26th, 2014 by admin



Connect up to 200 cordless handsets in a multicell SIP-DECT network with up to 40 base stations and 120 repeaters providing seamless handover and roaming capabilities with exceptional HD voice quality.

The Enterprise Wireless Communication System provides mobility and freedom of movement for staff within a large building or across multiple floors ensuring that they can be reached anywhere. With standards-based SIP support, the system is compatible with any SIP-compliant IP-PBX system and can also be integrated with legacy PABX system using SIP-PRI or SIP-Analog gateways to enjoy many features from the office phone system. It can also be connected directly to hosted PABX providers or SIP providers.  

As the system is built on SIP, multiple locations and branch offices can be connected to the centralized phone system without requiring additional hardware in the remote locations


Single Cell Setup

The basic setup are composed of 1 base station and it allows 10 handset registrations and 10 simultaneous calls. MyPBX will allow them to connect traditional analog trunks or ISDN trunks and a room for user expansion which is scalable up to 500 user extensions -depending on the model. In addition it allows them to utilize the full features of a standard PBX system – such as intercom, call transfer, call forwarding, conference and voice mail.
















Multicell Setup

Multicell or a multi mode setup are composed of two or more base stations, which can be scaled up to 40 base stations, 200 handset registrations, 120 repeaters and 120 concurrent calls. Areas that are not reachable by the base station can be reach by putting up a repeater. Single or Multicell setup each base station is supported to connect 3 repeaters, expanding the border of coverage. Connecting two or more base stations allow users to move freely from different spots where base station or other base stations have coverage without worrying of dropping their active calls that is achieved via Air synchronization. Antenna coverage is 300m for outdoors and 50m indoor and the IP-DECT utilizes fast antenna diversity switching for seamless connection handover.




Full Features

 System Features

200 users (200 handsets registered)

• Scalable from 1 to 40 bases, wth seamless handover 

• 10 narrow band audio channels per base

•  4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels per base

•  G.726, G.711 and optional G.729 narrow band codec

•  G.722 wideband codec


Main Handset Features

• HD audio support (G.722)

• 1,44’’ TFT display, 128 x 128

• Polyphonic ringtones

• Local phonebook

• Central phonebook support

• Headset connector, 3.5mm

• Firmware upgradable over-the-air

• Wideband speakerphone



















Hospitality Solution

Posted on: April 21st, 2014 by admin




Developed to meet growing needs of small and medium sized hotels, MyPBX Hotel Module integrates rich IP-PBX features with professional hospitality features. Run your hotel with MyPBX Hotel Module to achieve higher productivity and greater profitability. Hotel Module empowers MyPBX users to intuitively manage the booking and check-in and check-out of customers, check status of each room, offer mini-bar service, and run personalized billing reports, and more daily operational tasks in hotels and other hospitality environments. Improve business productivity and enhance guest experience with the powerful and affordable add-on. Navigate through the Web interface, an orderly hotel and a systematic control of the operations are within grasp.





       Simple Solution with rich features

       MyPBX Hotel module brings together a rich set of telephony features

       and advanced hospitality applications.






     Easy and efficient management

      Flexibly and easily manage room check-in and check-out, booking,

      and call  charges,  etc. On the web interface.






Satisfactory guest experience

Store and retrieve information about guests who are currently staying at your

hotel and repeated guests. Recognize repeated guests at check-in to foster guest royalty.




       Better Reporting

         The billing report shows call charges, mini bar expenses

          and other expenses that are added when checking out.






Improved Productivity

Enhance the competitive edge of your business. Information about guests

can be easily accessed.The system keeps up-do-date records of guests and

also minimizes paper work.





  Designed for hotels and other

  hospitality environments

  Suitable for inns, motels, hostels, hotels and other hospitality  


Personal Mobile Gateway

Posted on: April 1st, 2014 by admin



BH71m is a GSM Gateway configured with Borderless SIP trunk and can be inserted with SIM card and make calls. This personal mobile gateway is capable of call forwarding,  may it be local number or overseas through our cost-effective Borderless SIP trunk or the local SIM card inserted on the gateway device.

This gateway device is suitable for those who frequently go overseas and users will benefit our cheaper call rates. Business travelers will be able to call their business partners as if they’re just calling them locally. Family member in abroad can now be reached locally by his/her family anytime without worrying too much of the cost compared a regular IDD calls. This compact device is built with simple features yet cost-effective mobility solution. 






BH71m will give dial tone access to the authorized callers from SIM or Virtual DID so that they can dial any overseas numbers through Borderless SIP trunk or dial local numbers through local SIM. If the call is coming from SIM card, the dialed number will be routed through sip trunk and if the call is from virtual number, the dialed number will be routed through local SIM.









GSM and VOIP Callback (through local SIM or through Borderless SIP trunk)

BH71m can call back to the authorized caller of the local SIM number once enabled. User can choose which trunk will do callback, either through SIM or Borderless SIP trunk before device gives dial-tone.




Follow-Me from GSM or VoIP

Any calls from unauthorized caller will be forwarded to the number set. If the caller is from VoIP DID, call will forwarded to the local number configured and caller from local SIM will be forwarded to the number set in Borderless Portal.




Speed dial  from GSM or VoIP authorized callers

Users can set speed dial for the authorized caller from SIM and Virtual DID for easy call and easy dial.