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Improve Business Communication

At Borderless Hub, we help you achieve improved business communication with these advanced features


At Borderless Hub, we help you achieve improved business communication with these advanced features:

Auto-attendant/Interactive Voice Response:

Allows callers to connect to user-extensions or relevant departments without the aid of a receptionist or someone to answer the phone and transfer the call.

Benefits of Auto-Attendant:

  • Ensures all calls are received at any time
  • Attends to calls at first ring
  • Automates route tasks thereby freeing staff to concentrate on their job
  • Speeds up response time to callers
  • Expands call capacity at a faster rate and at a lower cost
  • Provides multilingual support
  • Provides Voice Mail capabilities
  • Improves Company Image

Automatic Call Distribution/Call Queue: 

Allows inbound call centres and service support to handle any incoming calls efficiently and cost-effectively, while continuing to deliver improved customer service.

Follow Me/Call Forwarding:

Enables calls to be automatically forwarded when the user is not in the office. It allows users to stay contactable while out of the office, even when overseas.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)/Direct Line

Allows extensions to have direct line numbers, which enables callers to connect directly to users without having to subscribe to expensive ISDN facilities with traditional fixed lines. Outgoing calls will also display direct line number.

Voicemail/Voicemail via Email

Provides voicemail on each extension which can be forwarded as an attachment to users’ email accounts, allowing users to receive voicemail on the move.

Conference Bridge/Video Conference

Allows users to utilise Conference Bridge capabilities including video for multi-party conferencing.

Outlook/Desktop/Mobile Integration

Allows users to make calls directly from Microsoft Outlook, from their soft-phones via desktop PC, and/or from their mobile phones. The Operator Panel allows monitoring of phone system, picking up of incoming calls, holding/transferring calls and making calls from a desktop PC.


Virtual Fax/Fax Server

The Virtual Fax to Email service allows you to receive fax via Email without the need for any physical line/equipment. The Enterprise Fax Server allows you to receive paperless fax, helping you to save on printing cost and to eliminate wastage due to junk faxes. Incoming fax can be directed to user desktop PC or be sent as an attachment via Email. Outgoing fax can even be sent from the user’s desktop.

Virtual Global Presence  

Create virtual global presence with our overseas virtual number. Let your overseas customers and partners enjoy cost savings by paying local charges when they contact you at your assigned overseas numbers. These significantly improve your corporate image and enhance business communication, boosting productivity and operational efficiency levels, while helping you and your overseas partners achieve substantial cost-savings.