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Enterprise Wireless Communication Solution



Connect up to 200 cordless handsets in a multicell SIP-DECT network with up to 40 base stations and 120 repeaters providing seamless handover and roaming capabilities with exceptional HD voice quality.

The Enterprise Wireless Communication System provides mobility and freedom of movement for staff within a large building or across multiple floors ensuring that they can be reached anywhere. With standards-based SIP support, the system is compatible with any SIP-compliant IP-PBX system and can also be integrated with legacy PABX system using SIP-PRI or SIP-Analog gateways to enjoy many features from the office phone system. It can also be connected directly to hosted PABX providers or SIP providers.  

As the system is built on SIP, multiple locations and branch offices can be connected to the centralized phone system without requiring additional hardware in the remote locations


Single Cell Setup

The basic setup are composed of 1 base station and it allows 10 handset registrations and 10 simultaneous calls. MyPBX will allow them to connect traditional analog trunks or ISDN trunks and a room for user expansion which is scalable up to 500 user extensions -depending on the model. In addition it allows them to utilize the full features of a standard PBX system – such as intercom, call transfer, call forwarding, conference and voice mail.
















Multicell Setup

Multicell or a multi mode setup are composed of two or more base stations, which can be scaled up to 40 base stations, 200 handset registrations, 120 repeaters and 120 concurrent calls. Areas that are not reachable by the base station can be reach by putting up a repeater. Single or Multicell setup each base station is supported to connect 3 repeaters, expanding the border of coverage. Connecting two or more base stations allow users to move freely from different spots where base station or other base stations have coverage without worrying of dropping their active calls that is achieved via Air synchronization. Antenna coverage is 300m for outdoors and 50m indoor and the IP-DECT utilizes fast antenna diversity switching for seamless connection handover.




Full Features

 System Features

200 users (200 handsets registered)

• Scalable from 1 to 40 bases, wth seamless handover 

• 10 narrow band audio channels per base

•  4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels per base

•  G.726, G.711 and optional G.729 narrow band codec

•  G.722 wideband codec


Main Handset Features

• HD audio support (G.722)

• 1,44’’ TFT display, 128 x 128

• Polyphonic ringtones

• Local phonebook

• Central phonebook support

• Headset connector, 3.5mm

• Firmware upgradable over-the-air

• Wideband speakerphone