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MyPBX Conference Bridge

Have your own in-house conference bridge capability commensurate with those of third party conferencing vendors but at lower rates.



MyPBX provides Conference Bridge solutions for analog PSTN, digital ISDN and SIP/VoIP phone systems. MyPBX can be deployed as a standalone solution integrated with any 3rd party phone system or a full featured IP-PBX solution. Having an in-house conference bridge eliminates the need to use 3rd party conferencing vendors which charges high cost of connecting overseas participants. MyPBX is a low-power embedded device that does not require a separate computer or server. MyPBX Conference Bridge allow users to schedule, host and participate in conference calls easily using their existing phone system and integrate with our SIP trunk solutions to reduce their telecommunication charges for conference calls.

MyPBX Conference Bridge is capable of hosting multiple sessions and multiple participants per device. With a web-based interface, users can schedule and manage the conference sessions easily using a browser from anywhere. The conference bridge can support free calls using both local and remote extensions as well as regular dial-in number on PSTN/ISDN or SIP trunk. With Global Numbers from over 60 countries available on the SIP trunk, companies can provide local dial-in numbers for overseas participants to call in at local rates.

MyPBX Conference Bridge is also capable of initiating calls to the overseas participants to bring them into the conference. This allows companies to reduce overseas call charges using our low IDD rates. Conference calls can also be recorded on the device.



Conference Managers

Capable of creating multiple conference managers to schedule and manage their own conference sessions.



Conference Invitation

Managers can easily create their own conference sessions by logging in to MyPBX user interface using a web browser. Managers can set their prefer time, date and number of participants. In addition, managers can optionally record the conference, set their own email templates and can set what mode of participant’s authentication.





Conference Management

Managers can easy manage their own conference sessions via a web browser. During the session a manager can invite someone to join in to the session, kick someone from the session, permanently block a user from joining the conference, or mute a specific participant’s or everyone. Managers can easily extend the time of their conference while the conference takes place.












Web Based Management

MyPBX Conference bridge can be managed via web browser. Managers can login at the same time to create and manage their own session. The advantage of a web based management is it allows managers to easily access it from their office or out of the office.






   Lower rates

   Using our Borderless SIP trunk we can reduce the overseas call charges using our lower rates

   and connecting them to A-Z destination routes across the globe.





      Conference Recording and Conference Report

      Managers can set if the conference should be recorded and MyPBX generate

      reports of the conferences.






Web based management for scheduling and  managing the conference

Multiple conference managers to create and manage their own conference sessions

Multiple conference sessions and can scale up to 80 participants

Dynamic control for the number of participants and conference sessions per manager

Flexible pincode control – No pincode, common pincode, or unique pincode per participants

Email invit to participants

Supports different dial-in methods using PSTN, ISDN, or SIP Trunk

Global numbers from over 60 countries

Initiate calls to participants using our low IDD rates

Conference recording

Conference History Report

Flexible features  during conference – Invite, Kick, Block, Mute and extend conference time.