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Personal Mobile Gateway



BH71m is a GSM Gateway configured with Borderless SIP trunk and can be inserted with SIM card and make calls. This personal mobile gateway is capable of call forwarding,  may it be local number or overseas through our cost-effective Borderless SIP trunk or the local SIM card inserted on the gateway device.

This gateway device is suitable for those who frequently go overseas and users will benefit our cheaper call rates. Business travelers will be able to call their business partners as if they’re just calling them locally. Family member in abroad can now be reached locally by his/her family anytime without worrying too much of the cost compared a regular IDD calls. This compact device is built with simple features yet cost-effective mobility solution. 






BH71m will give dial tone access to the authorized callers from SIM or Virtual DID so that they can dial any overseas numbers through Borderless SIP trunk or dial local numbers through local SIM. If the call is coming from SIM card, the dialed number will be routed through sip trunk and if the call is from virtual number, the dialed number will be routed through local SIM.









GSM and VOIP Callback (through local SIM or through Borderless SIP trunk)

BH71m can call back to the authorized caller of the local SIM number once enabled. User can choose which trunk will do callback, either through SIM or Borderless SIP trunk before device gives dial-tone.




Follow-Me from GSM or VoIP

Any calls from unauthorized caller will be forwarded to the number set. If the caller is from VoIP DID, call will forwarded to the local number configured and caller from local SIM will be forwarded to the number set in Borderless Portal.




Speed dial  from GSM or VoIP authorized callers

Users can set speed dial for the authorized caller from SIM and Virtual DID for easy call and easy dial.