• Netborder Transcoding Appliance

    Netborder Transcoding Appliance

    The NetBorder Transcoding Gateway offers an integrated high density transcoding solution in a 1U form factor appliance.

    From 400 to 4,000 any-to-any transcoding sessions
    SIP RFC 3261 Compliant
    Integrates with Softswitch dial plans
    Per call codec control
    Supports a wide range of narrow band and HD voice codecs
    Simple web user interface for configuration and provisioning
    Compact 1U form factor appliance
  • D500

    D500 Transcoding Card

    The industry’s highest density transcoding card — designed for optimum voice quality for high port count systems, offering from 400 to 2,000 transcoding sessions in one compact PCIe form factor.

    400–2,000 Transcoding Sessions
    No Licensing Fees²
    Integrates in Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®
    Works on Linux and Windows®
    Simple C API
    PCI Express