• Video MCU Front View

    Vega Video MCU

    Easily & Affordably Integrate Video Conferencing with Your Existing IP-PBX


    Video conferencing has become a popular service widely used by organizations. Low cost video endpoints, as well as the popularity of smart phones, have made enterprises think about integrating video capacity to their existing communication networks.

    Vega Video MCU is a versatile SIP-based multipoint conferencing unit appliance that allows SMBs and SMEs, with multiple locations, to easily add video conferencing capacity to their existing telephony systems. Providing high quality voice and video conferencing in a single platform increases productivity for enterprises and reduces communication and travel costs.


    Ideal functionality and Price for the Small to Medium Sized Business
    High Quality Voice and Video Processing
    Quick to Deploy
    Audio/Video Conferencing
    Multiple Video Layouts
    High Capacity Video Conferencing
    Multiple Conference Bridges