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Billing Module

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Billing System caters for the growing need of billing solutions that can efficiently monitor the calls and maintain record of each call received/transferred by IP-PBX. Billing System can charge and recharge extensions and conduct analysis on the basis of statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid are supported. Flexible rate settings and detailed records make it extremely easy for enterprise to monitor charges, spot misuse, and enhance efficiency. With Billing System, call accounting are just clicks away.



Account management

Administrators can recharge extensions, set pay type, lock or unlock extensions, and check other account information.

Real-time billing

      The immediate real-time billing empowers the user by making rating, charging and balance and account management responsive, interactive and flexible.

Prepaid and postpaid service

                  Prepaid – the extension is recharged first, and call fees and deducted from the balance right after the call ends. When the balance reaches the limit credit, the system will automatically limit the extension from dialing out.

                  Postpaid – call fees are deducted from the balance right after the call ends.  When the credit runs out, the system will automatically limit the extension from dialing out.

Flexible rating

      Rate can be set according to extensions, time periods, call duration,call types(whether local or international,  from landline or mobile phone).

Least cost routing

      Find the most inexpensive way to route phone calls, allowing save on phone bills

Detailed Call-logs and statistics

      Full recharging history, call logs, and statistic in detail for management and traffic analysis.

Reliability and High availability