Borderless M2M Connectivity

Borderless Hub is a provider of Global M2M Data SIMs, IoT hardware devices and solutions. With over 600 global roaming partners in over 180 countries worldwide, Borderless Hub provides a global multi-network open roaming M2M SIM solution that is competitively priced to eliminate every possible point of failure for your IoT devices.

Our IoT devices have been selected from a list of reputable hardware manufacturers and tested to work well with our M2M Data SIMs to provide efficient data transfer with low data usage and thus minimizing the operating cost of deploying M2M solutions.

Choose from a wide range of off the shelf IoT hardware for personal, asset and vehicle tracking, GSM-based sensors for monitoring and remote control, electronic security as well other telemetry devices or talk to us about a customized hardware solution for your specific applications.

We can provide a total end-to-end solution from the data connectivity, hardware devices with tracking and sensor platform for various telemetry applications.

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