Borderless Voice

A scalable phone solution allowing you to dial cost effectively to more than 60 countries from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and USA at ISDN quality.

Borderless SIP trunk is a cost effective and highly scalable premium VOIP service that caters to different business requirements for multiple channels and DID numbers starting from 2 channels and 1 DID number to several hundred channels and DID numbers as your business grows.

Borderless SIP trunk provides cost effective IDD rates with direct interconnect with Tier 1 providers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other providers in HK, UK and US. Borderless SIP trunk comes with Singapore Level 3 numbers as well as Global Numbers from over 60 countries for receiving incoming calls. As Borderless SIP trunk relies on the Internet to deliver voice service, it is fully portable and can be deployed anywhere with Internet connectivity.

In addition to the flexibility and scalability of the SIP trunk solution to be able to quickly accommodate the increase and decrease of channels and DID numbers, it also comes with Caller ID and other value added services failover capabilities, credit limit control as well as call barring to specific overseas destinations to prevent fraudulent calls.

Borderless SIP trunk is ideal for business with high IDD call charges to reduce their phone charges with our competitive IDD rates. It is also ideal for businesses that would like to migrate from their existing PSTN DEL hunting lines to more flexible and cost effective ISDN-like service and businesses on existing ISDN service to reduce the high subscription charges. As the SIP trunk can be deployed anywhere in the world, it is also ideal for business with regional and international operations to reduce their inter-office communications.

For call centers, telemarketing companies and enterprises with high call volumes, Borderless SIP trunk is able to accommodate dialer traffic at competitive wholesale pricing.

Borderless SIP trunk can be deployed with any SIP-compliant IP-PBX or with any legacy PABX system using analog/PRI gateways.

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