With our solutions, you would not be required to replace any existing phone or legacy PABX system. Leveraging on the extended capabilities of the VoIP and IP-PBX system, your existing system will simply be expanded with additional trunks and extensions. Remote extensions will be supported and interconnected with remote PABX and IP-PBX for free extension-to-extension calls to remote offices and locations.

With the integrated system, you will be able to:

  • Make and receive calls using trunks from remote offices
  • Support VoIP provider trunks for low cost international calls
  • Support DID numbers without having to subscribe to ISDN;
  • Receive calls using Virtual Overseas numbers; and
  • Add Auto-Attendant and Call Queue capabilities.

Reduce and Eliminate Cost

We provide world class unified communication solutions at affordable rates delivered on leading Tier 1 carriers’ infrastructure.

Improve Business Communication

At Borderless Hub, we help you achieve improved business communication with advanced communication features.

Empower Control and Flexibility

We offer a broad array of features & GUI tools for ease of self- administration with exceptional business intelligence.